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Thank you for your interest in our hand poured candles. We have a few things we'd like to share about our ordering, shipping, and return policy. Please read the terms and conditions below before you complete your order. In order to qualify for wholesale purchases, your business must be a valid retail business, and by agreeing to our following terms and conditions, you agree that you are such.


When purchasing wholesale, we kindly ask that you order a minimum of 24 products per order. Due to our small business production demands, we ask that you don’t order more than 96 products at a time.


We do not offer returns, but we do offer exchanges.  Exchanges may occur if a product arrives damaged or defective.  If a buyer dislikes one of the candle scents, we would be happy to exchange them for something more suitable if the candles show no sign of being used. 


However, if the buyer asks for an exchange for a different scent, the buyer will be responsible for the additional delivery fees. If candles are damaged due to buyers mishandling or improper storage, we will not be able to exchange those items.


Orders will be placed and payments will be made via Venmo QR code or we will make payment manually via Square credit card format upon being contacted with payment information.


We begin the production of products once the order is processed. Thus, in order to cover the cost of material, we require our orders to be prepaid.


Our retail price for an 8 oz glass candle is $25.00 USD. Our retail price for a 6 oz metal tin candle is $20.00 USD. Our retail price for a 4oz glass candle is $15.00. We ask that when sold in your retail store, you stay within a similar price range.


This way our customers have consistency with pricing.  We occasionally offer 10% -20% off discounts, and we encourage you to provide those discounts to customers at your own discretion.


Buyer is responsible for  the cost of shipping and handling of products purchased. We ask that when paying for your order that you pay the price of the entire order plus the shipping and handling in one payment. 

We ask that you put the true and full address and contact information on your payment form so that we can properly process your ship and deliver. Should there be any issue due to incomplete, or incorrect mailing information the buyer is responsible for reshipping and delivery costs.  If the shipment is rejected or returned from the Postal Service due to neglect or unsafe drop off point, the buyer is responsible for reshipping and delivery costs. 


USE THIS LINK TO CALCULATE Estimate shipping cost

we ship from 97216 zip code

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